Jamul Kiln

Lets just get this out of the way right now: this hike has no directions, and no, I haven’t made a map here. But discovering the way on your own is what makes the hike an adventure, people!


It is a seriously cool spot to visit. I loved finding out about this hidden gem in San Diego. I also loved that no one knew what I was talking about when I tried to explain it to friends. Makes me feel like a true adventurer.


This place has a reputation for being haunted, but honestly I felt no weird presence or whatever here. It was actually quite peaceful. You’re surrounded by rolling hills that will have you wondering if you’ve stumbled upon Middle Earth and are about to see some hobbits.


I got so excited when I first saw the kiln from afar. I should have been paying attention to distances and such to help give more information here, but honestly I was just enjoying the hike. Though it took us about an hour to get from our parking spot to the actual kiln. But I must admit, we took a short cut across a marsh (which resulted in soaking wet shoes).


Trust me, you can find this place if you try hard enough. I used a paper map printed from google maps. It’s so worth it.


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