I got to visit this majestic mountaintop city during one of my free weekends in Spain. My roommate Corrina and I walked most of the town in one day since we only were able to stay one night. Below are some of the highlights.

1. Puente Nuevo



So honestly, this view is the main reason that we went to Ronda. This bridge connects the two halves of the city: the old and new. You’re able to walk across it and there’s even a hike to a couple viewpoints from down below. The hike is a bit steep but it’s short and totally worth the view (look at that waterfall!). You can easily find the trail once arriving at the Old Town’s Plaza de Maria Auxiliadora.

2. Arab Baths


This is what remains of the old baths that the Arabs used to relax and socialize.They played a video in the cave explaining the history and showed what each room used to be. It was a quick visit, took us maybe 10 minutes to see everything but I still enjoyed what I saw. Another perk: once you enter the structure, the temperature drops and it’s a great relief from the summer heat.

3. Palacio de Mondragon


This place is where you will find many of the photographs that they use for postcards of Ronda. I thought it was very pretty and offered some history about the city. It didn’t blow me away though, as I had just visited the Alhambra in Granada a couple days earlier; so after that nothing really compares.


Really though, Corrina and I had a lot of fun simply walking the streets of Ronda. We took in the vine covered walls and bright flowers aligning windows. Also the mountain views were enough to keep me happy, and blurting “majestic” for every other word. Taking in the town was so much fun, and the people are so friendly here. I think I see another visit to Ronda in my future.


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