During the third free weekend of my study abroad I went to Seville, Spain! Seville is the capital city of the region of Andalusia in Southern Spain. It is also one of the hottest regions in Spain during the summer…oops. At least our hotel had AC, and an awesome discount for us brave summer tourists. This side trip was so much fun since six other students from our group joined Corrina and me.




This cathedral is the third largest church in the world. I got to visit it on a Sunday to see the area of the church that is still in use. I loved walking inside the cathedral to see the beautiful stained glass and take in all the gilded decor. Another claim to fame: this cathedral is said to be the burial site of Christopher Columbus.

Real Alcázar

IMG_2203 IMG_5069

Just across from the Cathedral is the Real Alcázar, the royal palace of Seville. For any Game of Thrones fans, they filmed part of season five here. Entry is pretty cheap for students: only 2 euro. Regular fee is 9.50 euro though. But it’s worth it. The architecture is amazing and the colors are so bright and vivid. Then outside of the palace is a huge garden with roaming peacocks.

Plaza de España

IMG_2408 IMG_2382

One of my favorite spots in Seville. This large plaza has beautiful benches of mosaic tile depicting each Spanish province. Unfortunately, we went here during the hottest part of the day… so hot that Corrina and I said yes to the random Spanish man in the fountain who suggested we jump in too. I wish I could have spent more time here, and in the Maria Luisa Park right next to it, but unfortunately it was too hot to bear and we went back to our AC filled hotel room.

Metropol Parasol

IMG_2459 IMG_2487

This is the largest wooden structure in the world. We went up to the top part of the structure, which is built with a little track to walk around on. It’s a city viewpoint so we watched the sunset here and then got a drink at their bar (yes, a bar at the top of the structure) which is conveniently included with the entry price. This is a great place to view the city, though I don’t think it’s as high as the Giralda Tower. But I had a funny moment here where I spun around in confusion looking for the ocean (since living in California all my life, the ocean has never been far from me) but then I realized that I was pretty landlocked and wasn’t going to have an ocean view, so I stopped spinning like a fool.

Guadalquivir River

IMG_2602 IMG_2611

This river offers really pretty sights of colorful buildings and beautiful bridges. Right across the bridge pictured here is a well known market called Mercado de Triana that we stopped in to see. It has a wide selection of fresh fruits and meats.

Overall I thought Seville was a beautiful town with friendly people and a lot to see.


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