The forth and last weekend in Spain our entire class went to Madrid, Spain!

We only had two days here, in the beautiful and culturally rich city of Madrid so there was no time for any siesta here! The 48 hours broke down into a total of 30 miles of walking on only 9 hours of sleep. It was a whirlwind for sure, and definitely left me wanting more. Here are some of the highlights:

1. The first thing we did in Madrid was take a walking tour of the famous sites of the city. This included the Plaza Mayor, the San Miguel Market, the Royal Palace, and more.


2. Gran Via, which is the most famous street of Madrid, to see the beautiful architecture of the city.


3. Retiro Park and the Crystal Palace, we spent an hour lying in the grass here. It’s like the central park of Madrid, its huge and beautiful and many people boat here.

IMG_2917 IMG_2905 IMG_2998

4. Shopping: lots of amazing stores here. I found this super hipster store called Typography that had the best T-shirts. I bought both my brother and my dad one here.


5. Kaptial- Now I’m not a clubbing girl at all but this famous club has 7 floors, all with different genres of music at each level so I checked it out. The entrance fee is pretty steep- 20 euro but you get 7 different dance floors.


6. Reina Sofia Museum offered a lot of history of the Spanish Civil war period and offered many more exhibits to check out!


This of course is only a very small look at Madrid, but I was happy with my experience and could still see myself coming back in the future to see even more.

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