Granada (a quick overview)

Oh Granada, Spain. Where to begin…


Granada (English for pomegranate) is the town where I lived for five weeks in Spain during my Study Abroad the summer of 2016. I never really experienced a weekend here, as all other weekends during this time were spent traveling elsewhere. But the weekdays were well spent going to class, visiting historic sites, getting gelato, and eating tapas. So many tapas.


Granada is one part of Spain that still serves tapas (small appetizers) free when you order drinks. The drinks can be alcoholic or not, and they will bring you a small plate of food on the side. This was wonderful, being a college student on a budget. Granted, it was a guessing game to what they would bring, so sometimes it was hit and miss. My favorite tapas place was Poe, as the drinks were only about 2 euro and you got to actually pick which tapa you would like. It was amazing.


Granada is a walking town. The streets are filled with people (well except during siesta time of 2pm-6pm of course). The first floor of the many buildings are all shopping stores. The levels on top of that are apartments. So basically if you live in Granada, you live on top of a massive outdoor mall. So much to tempt the eye (and wallet), and they have a massive sale during the summer, so even more of a temptation. But during siesta, everything shuts down, everyone goes home, and the streets are empty. It’s like a ghost town at this time, you feel like you shouldn’t be out, plus it’s usually the hottest part of the day.


The people here, well, they’re not the nicest. Out of all the areas in Spain I visited, the locals here were the least friendly. I got many a glare, many people running into me, and even a cuss and the finger for being American. BUT there were exceptions of course, as others would ask me many questions about where I was from. I think the best advice to give for getting along with the locals in Granada is to be bold and assertive. Servers and employees wont ask you what you want/need help with, you have got to go up to them and tell what you need. Then all is well. It’s just a cultural difference.


Granada is a charming and safe town. The pomegranate decorations line the streets, signs, and statues. Many people walk the town at night with their children for fun, it’s not weird there, it’s the norm. Many stay out past midnight like it’s 6pm in the evening. Probably because they’ve had their nap from 2-6pm during the heat of the day and want to get back outside. At least that’s how I did it.



My favorite Gelato place was Los Italianos; their strawberry flavor was to die for. They have great prices too! I visited this busy shop way too many times to admit.


This is just a quick overview of the Granada area and lifestyle. Granada is an area of great cultural and historical significance. I have other posts covering the best/most well-known parts of Granada.

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